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The Marketplace gives a chance to artist to sell their work and allows others to buy the work. The Marketplace will be open to sell any art or clothing, etc. All money made from the Marketplace will go to providing meals for the homeless during these hard times. 

Donate or Buy artwork here!



Mentorship Program

With the mentor program, younger children will be able to get advice from a group of high school students. This group of high school students can give advice on classes to take, making friends, help with sports, help with organization, and any other support needed.


Become a mentor here! 

Become a mentee here!

Jewish Family Services has had an impact on many people's lives. They feed hundreds of families in need and has continued this work even during these unusual times. Our team has been working to fundraise money to get meals for the Jewish Family Service Parking Lot Dinners (where less fortunate people are given the opportunity to park in the JFS parking lot and sleep in their cars). Jewish Family Services also has many other programs such as feeding senior citizens, supporting refugees, and so much more. To learn more about what JFS does, visit their website

View our past work here!




Volunteer in San Diego

Many organizations in San Diego have managed to stay open during these hard times. They need your help. One of these organizations is San Diego Food Bank, which organizes food packages for the homeless. Another organization is San Diego Blood Bank and they offer volunteer opportunities to clean and organize environments for blood donors. Feeding San Diego has also played a big part in trying to provide for the community during these unusual times. There are so many more opportunities, these are only a few of them. Make sure that if you are able to, you are still helping your community.

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