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Can Cocaine Cure Coronavirus?

Updated: May 16, 2020

No! Cocaine is a dangerous, addictive drug! There is no known cure to Covid-19 yet!

      Some people believe that cocaine is a promising cure to Coronavirus. Could it be true?

    Cocaine has characteristics that seem to have a potential to ease the Coronavirus. Cocaine shrinks mucus membranes/mucosa. Perhaps it could make people less contagious. Cocaine also is used for vasoconstriction of the upper respiratory tract which is the construction of blood vessels to help with blood pressure.

  However, cocaine is a very harmful drug. Research documented short-term and long-term effects of cocaine. Short-term effects include: light, sound and touch sensitivity, loss of appetite, increased blood pressure and temperature, loss of sleep. Some may experience tremors, vertigo, erratic behaviors and even show violence.      The long term effects of cocaine are even more dangerous. They include stress and negative moods while not taking the drug. The users may increase doses of the drug, instead of things that are healthy for them. The drug may increase anxiety. Cocaine may lead to the loss of smell.  It can damage the heart and other internal organs. Cocaine causes depression as the user does not feel euphoric without the drug. Cocaine can damage the user's lungs and lead to asthma. Thus, the use of cocaine obviously does not cure the coronavirus.


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