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Community Hero - Mr. Sergio Cabrera

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This picture shows Coach Sergio and my PE class of 2011

In elementary school, one of my favorite classes was PE, mostly because of the coach himself, Coach Sergio.

On May 31, Coach Sergio started by driving to La Mesa to help clean up after the destruction that was caused by the riots. Businesses were being looted and Coach Sergio wanted to help out. His friend owns a restaurant in La Mesa, so he wanted to help his friend out and any nearby businesses that were in need of his assistance.

After this, Sergio went to downtown San Diego to see and participate in the protests. Then, he went to go for a swim at sunset cliffs to end the day with a little fun. But instead he saved human life! Sergio Cabrera described the event where he saved someone as:

"I hopped in the water and was swimming around the caves and the arch and I noticed there was someone at the top of the cliffs, and he didn't seem too worried about the size of the waves...I was pretty far away and swam around for a while. I went to turn around and go back when I saw a huge wave swept him off the cliffs. At the bottom, where he was, there were a bunch of boulders, so I was worried about his safety. I swam toward him and by the time I got to him, he had hit his head. I don't know if it was on one of the boulders or if a wave had pushed him against the cliffs. Either way, he looked pretty dazed and desperate."

After Mr. Carbera helped the swimmer out, a few surfers came with their surfboards to try and provide as much help as they could. They brought their surfboards to help the swimmer while the lifeguards were arriving. Once the swimmer was brought to shore, he was able to walk on his own and was super thankful to Sergio Cabrera. Sergio Cabrera can definitley be seen as a La Jolla's local hero. Thanks to him, someone was able to keep on living a happy and healthy life. Take this as an intiative to help your community as well and a big thanks to one of the best PE coaches out there!

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