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Recent COVID Updates (September 2)

By Julia Galperin

-James Madison University is going online after planning to have an in-person semester

-There is a total of 39,121 positive COVID tests in San Diego County

-UC San Diego Health announced that it would participate in a national clinical trial to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2(causes COVID-19), the trial will involve about 1,600 participants

-The San Diego Symphony canceled its entire 2020 season

-San Diego has been off the watchlist and is well below the state's guideline of 8% of positive testing rates (San Diego is now at 3.8%)

-Nursing homes are a focal point for coronavirus outbreak(there are now 106 skilled nursing facilities that have COVID cases) -What is opening in San Diego: aquariums(open indoors with modifications), bars/brewpubs(closed), child care(open with modifications), dine-in restaurant(open indoors with modifications), K-12 schools(closed for in-person, can only open if county remains in second tier for two weeks), movie theaters(open indoors with modifications), higher education(opening with modifications)

-Governor Newsom signs a statewide COVID-19 tenant/landlord protection(protection for tenants to shield them from evictions due to COVID-19 related back rent)

-Governor Newsom tried to help increase state's testing capacity by signing with a major diagnostic company

-Governor Newsom announces that the state will use $600 million to purchase housing to support homelessness

Stanford closes most of its campus after a spread of COVID-19

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