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Should Parents Track Their Child's Location?


  • Brings parents peace and reassurance of kids safety

  • Kids might feel safer knowing someone is looking out for them


  • Tracking apps can display a lack of trust between the child and the parent

  • Forcing a child to have a tracking app on their phones will create damage to the parent and child's relationship

  • It causes children to be more prone to rebellion, lying, or sneaking out.

  • Tracking apps are an invasion of privacy

  • Tracking apps consume a large amount of data causing users to have a greater phone bill.

  • GPS can be occasionally unreliable

According to, In 2017, 61% of parents check their child’s online browser history, 48% go through their child's call logs or texts, 48% of parents know their child’s email/phone password, 39% have some type of app to monitor their child’s online activities, and 16% of parents admit to using tracking apps on their children

Being a teen who is forced to have a tracking app on their phone, I believe parents shouldn't force a tracking app on their children's phones. I strongly believe it's an invasion of privacy and doesn't allow a teen to have any sort of freedom. I can understand from the parental view, that a tracking app can bring safety and reassurance about the children's whereabouts, but then again trust is built between a parent and a child, not between a parent and an app.

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