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Student Athletes in Quarantine

As the world deals with this pandemic, many activities, including sport, are out of the question for most student athletes. Although it is a very minor issue considering everything the outbreak has affected, those who were hoping to benefit from summer off season will no longer be able to gather with their teammates and train. Personally, I will only be able to practice minimally for tennis season over the 9 weeks we have before it starts. My coach has set up a system where 3 girls can go to a practice at once. As for wrestling off season, there is no way that will be happening anytime soon. With the way everything is going, I don't know what season will look like next year, if it happens at all. Competing against other schools was already a health hazard before the virus; it's hard to imagine a way to make wrestling sanitary enough for practices or tournaments to safely occur. Would we wear masks? Gloves? Hazmat suits? The usual summer wrestling camps are obviously canceled, meaning most wrestlers are missing out on the most crucial improvement opportunities before season. Any sport that requires physical contact with others will be very difficult to train for, and It's an even bigger bummer for those going into their junior or senior seasons. The situation is not ideal, but everyone has to make sacrifices in order to flatten the curve. I encourage student athletes to try and stay fit for their sports seasons by doing workouts from home. Thankfully, YouTube has no shortage of at-home workout videos to choose from that cater to all fitness levels.

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