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What happened at the Capitol?

The events of this past week went by so fast that I, along with many others, could barely register all of the chaos that occurred. Wednesday, January 6th, groups of white supremacists, Trump supporters, anti-Semitists, domestic terrorists, and thugs, stormed the capitol building in hopes of overturning Biden’s success in the 2020 election. This was undoubtedly facilitated by Trump who posted several tweets before this event that initiated this violence. On a good note, Trump was banned from Twitter to protect American citizens from further violence. But, you know what group of people were barely punished? The rioters who broke into the capitol building. Nevertheless, some are now being arrested.

I have seen several posts over social media comparing the Black Lives Matter protests to the protest of January 6th. I can tell you one thing: these are not even in the same ballpark. The BLM protests were done for a genuine reason. In hopes of solving a problem. The riot on January 6th was done because an election was lost. An election. Not a life, an election. It’s like these people can’t accept the fact that we will finally have a president who has genuine consideration for not only straight white people! So radical, right! (That’s sarcasm). Moving on, the events of January 6th were arguably far more violent than the BLM protests. They stormed a CAPITOL BUILDING!! They brought guns, bombs were found, they were climbing the walls, replacing the American flag with Trump flags, stealing computers, stealing paintings and podiums, sitting at desks, and taking important documents. Anyone with common sense knows that if these people were not white, they would be dead already. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example: Miriam Carey. This black woman was SHOT to death by Capitol police because she made a U-turn at a checkpoint on Capitol grounds. A U-turn. While these white supremacists can go inside of the building and STEAL personal and private property. In what world does this make sense? In what world is this logical?

One woman was shot by police, while 3 others died due to medical emergencies. Rest in Peace to all of them, they should’ve just stayed home. But, what I find ironic about the situation is that these people chant Blue Lives Matter and then disrespect the police. This just goes to show how they don’t believe Blue Lives Matter, they just believe Black Lives don’t. Moreover, using their logic, this woman deserved to die. A popular tweet written by @Stygiansis proves my case in point. It says “Why didn’t she just comply? Why did she show disrespect to law enforcement? If you’re not doing anything wrong, nothing to worry about, right? That’s what you tell black people when they’re shot dead. Let’s keep that same energy.”

The violence instigated by Trump and the whole election had repercussions felt around the world, one of these places being in LA. During a rally against the success of Biden, a black woman was walking home and surrounded by 20 of these protesters who demanded to know who she voted for in the election. She was shoved, pepper-sprayed, and punched(Credits: @chadloder). I thought republicans were the party of Law and Order? This doesn’t sound like Law and Order to me. The whole situation is ironic, ridiculous, and hypocritical. During times like these, we must stay supremely informed. These moments will be in our history books, and there is more to come. As inauguration day comes closer, stay safe, and try to stay home. We are still in a pandemic so wear a mask and social distance! Thank you for reading, once again stay safe.

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