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Does your income affect your SAT scores?

Today, and for the past years, universities and colleges have required students to submit their standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT for admission. According to the “VOA News,'' 2.2 million students take the SAT or ACT each year. There have been many cases where parents have bribed school officials to give their students extra time in exams or students and parents have bribed others to take their child's exam for them. The higher score you gain the better chance you have on getting accepted into whichever college you want to attend. Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman from the University of Pennsylvania and John J. Mcardle an admission director from the University of Southern California, found out that richer students tend to score double compared to low-income students. Students from families who make less than $20,000 in family income tend to score a 433 on SAT Subject Test and students from families who make more than $200,000 tend to score a 570.


Now there are a few resources for low-income students to take advantage of, for example, the cost to take the SAT is about $47.50 without writing. For the entire test and the full essay section, it costs $64.50. To take an SAT subject test students have to pay a $26 registration fee, $22 for each additional test, and $26 for each language test. Cost used to be a huge issue for low-income students because it prohibits their chances of taking a standardized test, but now low-come students can apply for a fee waiver which allows them to take two free standardized tests and six free SAT subject tests.

More information that explains the benefits of SAT Fee Waiver

(This image below shows what scores students from different family incomes tend to get on the SAT for the first time without preparation)

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