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        New :​        Recovered:       Death:

     World Statistics:     

 19.33M   12.41M     719,152

US Statistics: 

 5.04M   2.57M       162,975

California Statistic:  

541,494    -    10,028

San-Diego Statistics:

31,127     20,894     583

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San Diego COVID-19 hotline: 858-261-8431

Call 911 for severe cases

For non-emergent cases call 211 (they have a triage nurse line)

Mental Health Crisis Line 24/7 call 888-724-7240

Teen crisis line 310-855-4673 organization where trained teens help other teens in crisis.

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus(COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a novel virus. See the 3D image of the virus and its mutations here.

The Symptoms:

   -Dry Cough



   -Severe Cases: Difficulty      breathing

How it Spreads:

   -Contact with an infected

   person (especially is they

   are sneezing or coughing)

   -Touching a surface or

   an object that has been in

   contact with the virus and

   then touching your eyes,

   nose, or mouth

Protect yourself:

   -Wash your hands often

   for at least 20 seconds

   -Don't touch your hands

   -Avoid close contact with

   others (3-6 ft or 1 meter)

   -Stay home and isolate

   yourself, especially if you

   are unwell


Below you can find recent updates on the current Coronavirus situation including business closures/openings, new rules put in a place, and other actions to keep the Coronavirus under control. Also, find COVID-19 insights of our teen bloggers. 

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