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Help Protect the Arctic!

The 5% of Alaska’s coastal plain that is protected from development is now being threatened due to desires for the expansion of oil drilling. The plain is next to 24 million acres of land that is already being used for all kinds of energy development and it will soon be sold if action is not taken against this. The effects of this drilling will be detrimental to the climate, species, and indigenous population in this area. One of the species in this area is the Polar Bear, which has already faced a pattern of declining population due to climate change affecting its environment. The plain region is crucial to these polar bears because they rely on it for many processes that hinder their endangerment. These bears will be threatened by both seismic surveying, which destroys their protective dens during the winter, and oil spills which have the potential of destroying their fur, which is much needed in their habitat. The arctic is already facing devastating effects due to humans’ exploitation of the Earth and we have the chance to make a difference. Currently several of the arctic’s migratory birds are facing extinction due to climate change. In addition, indigenous populations are at risk due to the rising temperatures which facilitate short winters. Also, if the arctic were to be drilled in for oil, there would be impacts that we would be able to witness, such as the emission of even more carbon into the atmosphere. The Earth and all of the species that inhabit it have been put at risk and even sacrificed due to the greed of the human race and if this continues the Earth could be eventually destroyed. Although much damage has already been done, we can stop this exploitative pattern and fight against money hungry corporations. The petition to stop this is below, please sign and share. It is up to us to make a difference. Thank you for reading.

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