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High School Advice for Incoming Freshman

Hello, my name is Daniela Saray Gonzalez. I will be a rising junior at Francis Parker Upper School located in San Diego, California. There are many things I wish I knew before entering high school and I want to share some wisdom I have learned from my past three years in high school.


Get involved as much as you can freshman year because you can figure out your true interest. By getting involved in many things you get to test out new activities or hobbies you never knew you would like. By the end of freshman year make sure to stick to at least three or two activies/hobbies you enjoy and continue that till you finish your high school career.

Pick fun electives that you actually enjoy

Don't pick AP Computer science or AP world history just because it's an AP and will look good on college apps. Choose things you actually enjoy or else you will be miserable. If you actually like computer science or world history, by all means, take it, but it you're just trying to look good on college apps don't do it!

Freshman Grade Do Count!

Even though most people think junior and senior year is the most important years that matter in high school. It's NOT true. Freshman year grades still count towards your GPA. The last thing you would want is your bad grades from freshman year dropping your GPA down on your college apps.

Don't try to get into a relationship

You learn a lot from a relationship, but high school is the time everyone if trying to figure out who they are and are still going through lots of changes in life, both mentally and physically. Honestly being in a relationship in high school is more of a want and less of a necessity. If you want to be in a relationship with him/her go for it, just know there is NO RUSH into being in one.

Make friends with upperclassmen

You get to make more friends and also if you need guidance or extra help in certain classes you can ask them for help since they have already taken that class or experienced it. They also tell you what teachers are mean or what classes are really hard so you know which classes not to choose. Plus being friends with upperclassmen really gives you a blueprint on how to handle high school.

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