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How to stay active during quarantine!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

For many teenagers adjusting to quarantine has been super difficult, especially when the activities their life revolves around have been canceled. Many club and school sports teams have been closed along with gyms and the streets can be super crowded and unsafe when trying to go for a run. I have discovered the best way to stay fit during quarantine is at home workouts. Specifically, I would recommend the Chloe Ting free workout programs. These are free programs ranging from 2-8 weeks which require little to no equipment. Most of them suggest a fitness mat but a mat can easily be switched out for a carpet. The programs are pretty challenging but get great results and all offer low impacts versions for beginners. 

Over the past month I have been doing the 35 days 2019 summer shred programs. I have gotten great results and feel super strong and fit even when I can’t go to the gym. The programs daily workouts range from 10-60 mins and are super easy to fit into your daily schedule. They have fun music and really brighten up your day. Right now it is more important than ever to be working out everyday because it releases endorphins in your brain which can keep you from feeling sad and anxious about the current global pandemic. I found that especially in stage one of quarantine it helped me adjust tremendously. Here is the link! Have fun and stay safe!

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