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Now, when the quarantine still does not allow us to walk, it is time to engage in self-development. When, if not now, can we take the time to learn? As we all know, the best investment is an investment in yourself. Your knowledge will never be lost, but it will always help you find not only a great job, but also make friends who will help you become even better. Isn't that the main thing?

If you can not break between your any series and homework, then turn on the series and put it in the background and slowly start working. Slowly, but you will make progress. Any progress is still progress. And now it's time to read a couple of life hacks to make getting this progress easier and more enjoyable.

If you wildly want to sleep, but things are not finished-go to bed, sleep for 30 minutes. This will help you reboot and gain strength, especially during the day.⠀

To make your head work better in school from the first lesson - download a couple of apps with the Schulte Table or other games for attention and speed. Just a couple of rounds and your brain "warmed up".

Add a little psychology. If you can't concentrate, your head is too heavy, then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Slowly exhale, imagining, in every detail, how your thoughts gather in a stream and go out with the air. Do it several times and you will feel really relaxed!

Install motivational wallpapers on your phone. It also helps to hang motivational signs in the room. Only you want to distract yourself as your eyes rest on one of these inscriptions and you are again burning with the desire to do, work and become better.

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