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Middle school Advice

  1. Don‘t get into any drama.

Drama is honestly not worth your time. It might even result in making other people feel bad.

2. Popularity

Popularity is not that important. Choose your friends wisely because they might affect you as a person. For example if your friends will do bad things such as vaping, you will probably too. Also you will mostly likely lose most of your middle school friends in high school.

3. Grades Matter

The better a child is able to perform in middle school, the more prepared he or she will be for the advanced material and heavier workload that comes with highschool. Higher grades in middle school also impact the types and level of highschool classes students can take, so it's important that students try their best.

4. Don’t date

Less then 10% of the relationships only last for a few weeks or even days. Instead of dating, focus on school.

5. Learn to manage your time

Every year you will get more and more assignments. Instead of watching those cat videos on tiktok finish that one assignment that is due tomorrow. With balancing your time you’ll have both free time and time for homework/ sports practices.

6. Have fun!

Sixth and seventh grade went by so fast and suddenly I’m already in eighth grade. Make new memories such as making new friends and going to the school dances. You won’t remember sitting at home doing nothing. Value every moment.

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