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Phoenix. How to never give up

I like the metaphor of the Phoenix. A bird that rises from the ashes. And all people are just as capable of rising like a phoenix. I have heard one speaker say: "It is not terrible if a person falls into a puddle. It's scary if they are left lying in it."

And often, without noticing it, we just lie in this puddle, thinking: "Yes, I will fix everything, in five minutes, half an hour, tomorrow" - this is also a puddle that you need to get out of. What for? In order to have something to respect yourself for. In the middle of the academic quarter, there were several reasons why I stopped controlling myself, my emotions, self-development, normal thinking, and adequate thinking, even the most important thing I missed: motivation. I lost everything that helped me to keep going. At one point, I found myself in tears and resentment for no reason. I became the person I dislike and despise. That's when I realized. It's time to get up.

So, what can you do?

- Sit down and write about: who you want to be? How does that person behave, what does he/she feel, what does he/she say and do? It's very motivating, and the most important thing is to rewrite these thoughts every night, until you believe it yourself. If you don't believe it no one else will.

- Plan and execute at least 80% of your goals

- Establish a sleep mode

- DO NOT delay or wait for " the ideal time" on the clock - do everything immediately

Remember that one day you will look in the mirror and see the person you admired yesterday, and today he/she is in front of you.

No one can do it immediately, I know, but if you don't start you'll never find out. Personal success is directly related to the ability to be a Phoenix. A bird that can rise from the ashes.

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