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By Dani and Julia

Even though you may already be singing Christmas songs and are excited for the winter holidays, don't forget about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a National Holiday celebrated all over the world on the fourth Thursday of November. We celebrate Thanksgiving to celebrate the story of the Pilgrim’s meal with the Native Americans. Thanksgiving is important because it is a positive holiday to celebrate everyone’s gratitude. It teaches people to be thankful for their family, friends, etc.

This year Thanksgiving may have to look a little different, especially after California was moved up to the purple tier. As cases are rising, it may be safe to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with only the people you live with. If you plan on having a larger gathering, it is probably best to follow all CDC requirements(ie. Social distancing, masks, etc). While this may not sound as fun as other years, we need to be safe now so that cases don’t continue to grow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and try some of the recipes linked below:

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