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The Digital Divide

Whats the Digital Divide?

The Digital Divide is the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor concerning academic performance through the online school. The rich have much access to the latest technology.

The Cause of the Digital Divide:

The major causes of the digital divide are due to the economic barriers that limit resources and prevent people from obtaining the same access as others.

Who is affected

Students with low-income families are most likely to have the biggest effects of the digital divide. The use of technology is extremely necessary since most institutions are teaching virtually. The digital divide creates a “homework gap.” for low-income students who are not able to receive an education.

The Impacts:

Community: In my community, there are not many resources for low-income families to receive access to technology/the internet.

World: The global digital divide contributes to inequality between social classes. The internet is a major necessity due to schools teaching virtually, which causes a disadvantage for people who are low-income.

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