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We are afraid of solving the problem

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

No matter how much we want to disagree with this, we are afraid of solving problems. We are afraid that the solution will offend the other person. We try to avoid feeling guilty, but we do not understand that it is better to overcome yourself once, take this step and in a couple of days all doubts will leave you. This is better than suffering and bearing the burden fora really long time because "I did not want to hurt him / her". ⠀

One day, I met a person who was a bit shy, but seemed very nice. At first we didn't communicate much, then we got closer and closer as we spoke more often. That summer was a summer filled with studying, exams, and was not suitable for embedding regular contact and walking. And when I get a message with a confession, I wanted to respond positively. And here you should, like me, sit down and think. Do you feel something for the person? How strongly do you feel it? Do you need these feelings? Will these feelings affect your plans, goals, academic performance? I was not very interested in a relationship with this person, I realized that Yes, it all takes a lot of time and effort. But still, I did not want to hurt the person. ⠀

And here it is necessary to step out and think. Hold your breath and write _no_. We understand everything, but we are afraid. Each of our own fears has their own reasons. Understanding that this is the best of all options, that you are the main priority in your life should be your main focus. This is life, you live with it. And you will be the only one who gets tired. Is it necessary? Oh, definitely no. That's the simple answer we all fear. That's the simple truth that should guide you always and everywhere.

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