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When you burn fat, where does it go?

When you exercise, you are burning your fat and you end up losing weight. But where does this fat go? Does it just disappear? Many believe that the fat is converted into energy, however this violates the law of conservation of matter. All chemical reactions obey this law.

The fat is actually converted into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). When you work out, you are breathing more often and you exhale the carbon dioxide. The water leaves your body through sweat and urine. Most of your weight (up to 84%) is actually exhaled. Every carbohydrate and fats digested are turned into carbon dioxide or water. Weight losses achieved mostly through- yes- breathing!

I bet now you are wondering if you just start breathing more often you will loose weight. However, breathing more often than necessary, hyperventilation, will cause you to be dizzy and may cause you to faint. If you move your muscles, this will increase the amount of carbon dioxide. Simple acts like cooking, getting dressed, or even making your bed will cause you to exhale more carbon dioxide. So get up and do some simple things that will help you lose weight. You can just walk around your room if you are not feeling up to a run or a long walk. Try some creative ways of exercising at home!

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