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My View of COVID-19 During the School Year

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Disclaimer: this post is from the beginning of quarantine. I thought it would be an interesting perspective compared to our present day. Keep this in mind and enjoy reading!

Friday, March 13th, 2020, the day our lives changed and for better or for worse? Well, we don’t know yet. I remember hearing about the coronavirus once or twice that week, but today I hear it at least 20 times a day. Everyone was so excited for school to be out for a week, but we didn’t know what would come next. We didn’t know that we would be out of school for months, nor did we know that the fall school year would be online. Anxiety and fear ran rampant through every teen’s mind. It’s almost as if generation Z is cursed. From school shootings, to quarantine, and the ever-increasing pressure of school, this generation is struggling to keep up.

You may be wondering about the views of teenagers in this newly changed society. Well, with the help of teachers, we can hold classes on google classroom and zoom. However, it is not the same as being there in person. Despite this, many people are not even participating in school anymore—teenagers have lost faith in what was once normal. Additionally, some students even like online learning more. They believe that it gives them leniency throughout the day and is less stressful because they do not have to follow a strict schedule. However, online learning does not support participating in extracurricular school sports, proved by many seasons being canceled. This allotted for lost opportunities and improvements which could’ve been made throughout the season and helped for college scholarships. Despite this, many colleges have become lenient in the admissions process and have lowered certain requirements.

Also, many students have been able to use this relaxed schedule as an opportunity to focus on other extracurriculars and classes. Due to the increased free time put forth by the quarantine, students can focus more on subjects that support their futures and help society. Many organizations have arisen during this time made by teenagers, such as grocery deliveries to the elderly and new businesses emerging taking advantage of the shortages apparent due to the coronavirus.

From this, we can see the alternate views from generation Z because of the coronavirus. Some students are taking advantage of increased free time, while others are being less productive and are violating social distancing orders. With that being said, there is no established point of view from teenagers during this time, besides the fact that everyone wants to be able to go out during summer! Thanks for reading and visit for more of my pieces!

Image from CNN

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