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Presidential Series 1: Donald Trump

This year’s presidential elections are set to take place on November 3, 2020, with two major candidates. These two candidates are Donald Trump, running for re-election, and Joe Biden, who previously served as vice president under Obama. Today I am going to be giving you background knowledge on each candidate, allegations against each, and two of their controversial policies to help YOU decide who you want to vote for/support in the upcoming election!


Donald Trump was born in 1946 and is currently 73 years of age. He has been in several careers consisting of real estate and working in reality TV. He was born in New York and attended Fordham University as well as some other colleges. Additionally, he opened the Grand Hyatt which allowed him to prosper in the city development industry. However, he has had some business failures. He ended up running for president in 2016 and won against other candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson.

As Donald Trump announced his upcoming candidacy in 2016, several allegations arose against him. It was all initiated by the release of a tape in 2005 of Trump talking about treating women badly and grabbing them against their will. Despite the 20+ allegations of misconduct, Trump has denied all of them which consist of harassment, rape, and groping. He also claimed that all of these allegations were made by women who were being paid to damage his campaign. Republicans did not seem to care, portrayed by a quote from Sarah Sanders, the white house press secretary, in which she describes how the allegations did not seem to affect the campaign seeing as he won. However, on the contrary, a poll was conducted which showed 59% of women and 41% of men believed that Trump should resign due to these allegations.

Trump’s policy which has most greatly increased tensions is the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The tensions can be seen from the fact that 21% of Republicans disagree with this and 91% of Democrats disagree with this. If people from his party disagree with him, he must be doing something wrong. Secondly, he wants to allow tighter restrictions on people entering the U.S. from Muslim countries. 13% of Republicans disagree with this and 76% of Democrats disagree with this. Honestly, this seems like a racist policy and looks as if he is trying to restrict Muslims because of prejudice based on some terrorist attacks. Despite this, he has helped the people of Hong Kong support democracy against Chinese threats of violence and decreased unemployment by a long-shot. Nevertheless, remember to keep in mind his constant racist remarks and misogynistic views when you decide who to vote for in the fall.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of my presidential election series. Stay tuned this week to learn about Joe Biden.

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