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Presidential Series #2

Today’s post will be the last part of my presidential series. The elections this year are on November 3rd with two major candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump is running for re-election, while Biden is running for president for the first time after having been the VP for Obama. I suggest you check out my piece on Donald Trump if you have not already. Today I am going to be providing you with some background knowledge on Joe Biden as well as allegations against him and some of his major policies.

Joe Biden was born in 1942 in Pennsylvania and he is currently 77 years of age. He attended the University of Delaware and then got a degree in law at Syracuse University and he became an attorney before he went into politics. Biden had not grown up into a wealthy family seeing as his father’s job was selling used cars. This is important to note because it demonstrates how Biden can understand the position of many citizens in the US. He was able to get into Archmere academy, however, he had to do work around the campus to afford the expensive tuition. He eventually graduated in 1961 and then went to the University of Delaware which is where he developed a passion for politics once JFK was elected as president. When he graduated from law school he joined a law firm while also becoming a member of the democratic party and became a senator in 1972. He attempted to run for president in 2007, but his campaign did not go very well due to more major candidates like Obama and Hillary Clinton. Despite this, Obama selected Biden as his vice-president, in which he did a very good job of helping Obama’s campaign and goals for the United States.

The allegations against Joe Biden are not as serious as the ones against Trump, not to mention there are around 10 allegations compared to the 25 Trump has. With this information we can see how neither candidate is innocent, however, Biden seems to have more morals. One woman named Tara Reade claims that he sexually assaulted her in 1993, which he denied. Another woman named Lucy Flores claimed that he grabbed her shoulders and kissed her head without consent in 2014. Along with this, many have claimed that he has made unnecessary remarks on the appearances of women and that he doesn’t care to apologize for this. These allegations are pretty much as serious as it gets. This just proves how Biden may be the better candidate because he doesn’t have allegations of him raping a 13-year old as Trump does. Nevertheless, I’ll let you make that decision on your own.

Biden does not support universal healthcare(which CAN be a con), however, he does support public health insurance. He also believes in decreasing taxes for people in poverty and increasing taxes for those who are more wealthy. His foreign policy is very considerate seeing as he believes in promoting human rights throughout the world and he believes in a less aggressive approach towards immigrants. Additionally, he believes in ending the death penalty which is an important policy because the D.P. is a very risky institution that contains some racial bias. As well as this, he believes in getting rid of private prisons which have many cons like bad health conditions and poor security.

Despite his many positive policies, he does have some concerning allegations which you should keep in mind when you decide who deem best to vote for in this year’s elections. Thank you for reading the last part of my presidential series and make sure to look forward to my next post!

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